Chiffon Platted


Chiffon Platted

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These beautiful premium quality Chiffon Platted hijabs are crafted in a way to give you the unique style and elegant looks. They are made from Solid Chiffon that is the lightweight, soft feel which makes it wrinkle-resistant with extra add of plain solid touch provided by the subtle of Platted texture.

You can wear them for any occasion and can style them with any outfit. These soft premium Chiffon hijabs are light, easy to wrap, style,  and wash.

They are a breeze to wrap in multiple ways. The Chiffon material is soft, breathable, and can be wrapped easily. These hijabs are super soft, very light-weight, and are bold in color.

Material: Chiffon

Measurements: 70cm x 180 cm (28″ x 71″)

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1 review for Chiffon Platted

  1. Sajda Amin

    Chiffon quality is very excellent. Highly recommended

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