LFZ HIJAB was founded by the Fasiha Khan, a Muslim women belongs from a Pakistani family living in Canada. She is a mother of 4 kids and a Youtuber with a Following of 1000’s of subscribers from all faith, believes and Cultures. She has been inspired by many young women entrepreneurs around the globe and decided to grow herself by introducing the LFZ Hijab brand.


LFZ HIJAB goals are to provide the understanding and support to the modern fashion world about the modesty for women of all religions, faiths or believes, that are seeking to enjoy a lifestyle with modesty without conceding their way of living.


LFZ HIJAB believes that the modesty is a fundamental principle to protect the dignity of a women and as it was guided by the Creator of this world (ALLAH) to all of his messengers.


“Modesty is a branch of Faith” — Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)


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